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The personal site of Tez McKittrick, there's not much here, but have at it anyway.

Stuff wot I done.

9th October 2011 :: The Audio Smusher v0.2

21st Feb 2011 :: The next version of Paintworld is coming along nicely. I'm still working on slowly re-writing it in C though. I'm terrible at C.

Feb 2011 :: Paintworld V4.1 Generates pretty, abstract pictures using simple artificial life critters called Painters. HTML5, Javascript/canvas. It's decently fast in Google Chrome and Safari and not too bad in Firefox. No idea if it works in IE or not (if you try it let me know by dropping me a message - website at thisdomain dotcom)

Around 2006-ish :: The Random Objectionator is a really simple javascript to show a random objection on the Mr Dictionary site.

Around 2003-4-ish :: The not at all endorsed by John Peel Scandinavian techno band name generating machine - Created long before the sad passing of Mr Peel.

Last update Oct 9th 2011.